The City is beginning a major rewrite of the Thornton Comprehensive Plan. The City currently uses the 2012 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan provides a vision of what Thornton can be in the future for all aspects ranging from transportation to housing choices and from recreational amenities to employment opportunities. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a long-range guiding document for the City’s systems and services and allows for coordination with all of the detailed plans and implementation programs in which the City engages.

2018-2019 Comprehensive Plan Update:

The Comprehensive Plan rewrite will be ongoing throughout 2018 and 2019 and will have two major phases:

  • Phase I: Comprehensive Plan Visioning Process – In this phase, the community will be involved in identifying the core values, vision, and goals for Thornton’s future.
  • Phase II: Comprehensive Plan Technical Document Update – The rewrite of Thornton’s Comprehensive Plan document will be the focus of Phase II. This phase will incorporate the outcomes of the visioning process.

Upcoming events:

We want to hear from you! Please join us at one of our future events for the Comprehensive Plan Rewrite:

2018-19 Comprehensive Plan Update Progress 20%


What do you think the future of Thornton should look like? Check out these examples and let us know what you think.  We will have opportunities for community input at our outreach events, or contact us at policy.planning@cityofthornton.net or 303.538.7295 to give us your comments.

View the Council packet for more information on City Council’s Visioning Session on the upcoming Comprehensive Plan rewrite.

City Council met to receive an overview of the upcoming Comprehensive Plan rewrite and participate in a visioning exercise of what Thornton should look like in the future. Click on the link to view a summary of the key issues and themes identified by Council at the meeting.

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