Welcome to the 2019 Update to Thornton’s Comprehensive Plan!

The City of Thornton is in the midst of a major rewrite of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan, which will outline a vision for the City’s future and be the new guiding document for the City’s systems.

A full draft of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan is now available!

Materials from the most recent open houses are available in English and Spanish.

Through engaging with the community, several key themes emerged that form the building blocks for comprehensive plan. These building blocks are reflected in the plan’s updated land use categories and Future Land Use Map (FLUM), which form some of the major components of the comprehensive plan. The FLUM designates geographic areas within the city as certain land uses that align with one or more building blocks to help achieve the community’s vision. Each color corresponds to a different type of land use, ranging from residential areas for single-family homes, to neighborhoods that combine multiple types of housing with commercial retail, to dedicated employment areas. The map shown below is the first draft of the FLUM.