The final draft of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan is now available online!

This document contains five chapters:

  1. Introduction – Highlighting Thornton’s history and how to engage with the Comprehensive Plan document
  2. Plan Process & Community Outreach – Summarizing the process that resulted in this plan with a particular emphasis on community outreach
  3. Policy Framework – Summarizing the 8 Vision Themes and the goals and policies that can help the community reach those visions.
  4. Growth Framework – The Future Land Use Map, a description of each of the land use categories found on the map, and further guidelines for placemaking in mixed-use areas.
  5. Implementation Strategies – A list of strategies for each Vision Theme that identifies departments to take the lead, time horizons for accomplishing these strategies, and the resources that will be needed.


PDF copies of the Plan can be found here or in the Documents Library.